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What is the Meetings tool?

What is the Meetings tool?

Coursar Meetings tool allows instructors and site maintainers to easily create, manage and join Audio/Video Web Meetings from their Coursar worksite.

Audio/Video Web Meetings are delivered using Coursar WebMeeting system which allows moderators to share content and communicate with site participants remotely. As meeting's moderator, you can display presentations, use a white board, use audio and/or a webcam, use text chat with participants, and share your desktop. Coursar WebMeeting is a synchronous system, which means users have to be online at the same time to interact.

Some of the features of the Meetings tool are listed below:

  • Control meetings: Create/edit/update/delete Coursar WebMeetings from your site.
  • Web Meeting access: Define meeting access by selecting all users, groups, roles or individual users in your site.
  • Tool access: Define who can do what on the Coursar Meetings tool.
  • Scheduling: Optionally, define web meeting start dates and/or end dates and add it to site Calendar.
  • Notification: Optionally, send an email notification to meeting participants.

To access this tool, select Meetings from the Tool Menu in your site.

Requirements and Recommendations

Below are some recommendations to benefit from Cousar WebMeeting and deliver a fruitful conference session:

  • You must use a web browser running Adobe Flash 11.2 or higher. To check your web browser flash version (and download the latest version), visit Adobe's Flash Version Check.
  • Instructors and Presenters only:
    • To share your desktop, you must have Java installed: Test Java or install Java on your computer.
    • If Java is not working after you install it, you may have to remove old Java versions, activate Java in your web browser or enable the Java Plug-in in your web browser. Here are the step-by-step Java troubleshooting instructions.
    • For a highly interactive web meeting, the recommended Number of Users per meeting session: 25 or fewer.
    • For a webinar style meeting, the recommended number of Users per webinar style session: 100 or fewer.
      You can do this by disabling the microphone and webcams of participants before they join the webinar or even during the webinar. Yet, you can allow a user to talk by unmuting him/her.
Content of the Reference Guides

Once you go through the PDF reference guides, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the Meetings tool?
  • How do I create a web meeting with or without recording?
  • How do I edit a web meeting?
  • How do I delete a web meeting?
  • How do I play a recorded web meeting?
  • How do I show/hide or delete a recorded web meeting?
  • How do I change Meetings tool permissions?
  • How do I join a web meeting?

Below are the sections included in the Coursar WebMeeting Manual:

  • What is Coursar WebMeeting?
  • What are the minimun requirements to run a web meeting?
  • What are the Roles in an online session?
  • How do I join a web meeting?
  • How do I setup Audio in the online session?
  • What can I do, as an Attendee (Viewer), in a web meeting?
  • What can I do, as a Moderator (Presenter), in a web meeting?

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