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2. Manage your Site

Congrats, You've got your Free site! What's next?

Once successfully logged in to your Coursar account, you may add tools that best fit your needs. Coursar lets you rearrange, rename or delete the items in the tool menu, check the user permissions on each tool, and change the preferences on each site you own.

Check site maintainers help page for detailed step-by-step instructions.


3. Add Content

Once you setup the tools, it is time to add site material. Use the Resources tool to share files with members of a site or to a specific group that you may create afterwards. You may create assignments and initiate discussion threads.
Coursar gives you the possibility to control the visibility of content based on dates and users' roles. You have also the possibility to check the storage space left at any given time.
In Coursar, you have always the possibility to copy/paste content from other sites that you own.

Check site maintainers help page for detailed step-by-step instructions.


Coursar Approach and Basic Principles

Coursar is a full featured system supporting technology-enabled teaching, learning, research and collaboration.

It is a set of powerful, yet simple to use, tools to manage your worksites effectively.

Once you go through the below principles of Coursar, you will understand how the system will help you create, easily and powerfully, your courses and projects sites.

MyWorkspace: Your Control Panel

Every Coursar user has a "My Workspace" - their own private work area. In your My Workspace, you can:

  • see all announcements and calendar events from your sites combined
  • store and share files across sites
  • add your profile and photo using the Profiles tool

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Coursar Tools & Worksites

Coursar worksites are organized primarily by the list of activated tools that appear on the menu on the left. However, worksite maintainers have several options for organizing worksite content including:

  • Adding files to the Resources folder
  • Using the flexible Syllabus tool
  • Using the Coursar Schedule tool to add events by date

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Coursar Permissions & Roles

Each worksite contains user roles such as maintain/instructor role and participant/student role in project/course sites. Each role has an associated "bundle" of permissions.
Whenever you see the Permissions option on a tool, you can change the permissions associated with a role.

  • You can enable participant roles to contribute more to your sites.

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Is my Site Public or Private?

In a single Coursar site, you can have some content private to site members while making other content publicly viewable.
Why might you want to do this?

  • Serve multiple audiences with a single site
  • Keep sensitive data private and protected,
  • Publish selected materials for public review and consumption

Content delivery to Groups

Group-aware tools allow Instructor and Maintainer roles to release information to multiple groups of people within a single site.
The list of group-aware tools in Coursar includes:

  • Announcements, Calendar, Messages, Discussions
  • Assignments, Tests and Quizzes, Gradebook
  • Resources, Roster, Site Statistics

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