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What is the Drop Box tool?

What is the Drop Box tool?

The Drop Box tool creates a folder for each student in the course. Students are only able to access their own folder. Students and instructors can both place files in the Drop Box folders.

The Drop Box mirrors the file management features and functionality of the Resources tool. See What is the Resources tool? for more information on how to add, upload, edit, and delete files and folders within Drop Box. (As with Resources, multiple files can also be uploaded using Drag and Drop.)

To access this tool, select Drop Box from the Tool Menu in your site.

Example: Folders for each student

Folders with the plus sign contain files.

Content of the Reference Guides

Once you go through the PDF reference guides, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the Drop Box tool?
  • How do I upload files to multiple dropbox folders?

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