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Announcements tool basics

What is the Announcements tool?

What is the Announcements tool?

The Announcements tool allows for the delivery of messages to the entire class, to groups, or to specific sections within the class. Participants will see the Announcement message displayed in the Announcements area of their "My Workspace" tab, as well as within the course itself.

These messages can be set to show immediately, or to show during specific dates. Email notifications can be sent to alert participants of the Announcement message.

To access this tool, select Announcements from the Tool Menu in your site.

Content of the Reference Guides

Once you go through the PDF reference guides, you will be able to answer the following questions:

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  • How do I edit an announcement?
  • How do I delete an announcement?
  • How do I merge announcements?
  • How do I reorder announcements?
  • How do I change Announcements tool permissions?

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