• Create your Online Course sites
    As an instructor, you can make announcements,
    share resources, collect and grade tests and quizzes,
    (a)synchronously exchange ideas with students,
    organize your class efficiently, ... and much more.
  • Build your Online Project sites
    As a project leader, you can post events,
    exchange resources, distribute and analyze surveys,
    (a)synchronously discuss information with participants,
    organize your project site efficiently, ... and much more.
  • Deliver Interactive Web Meetings
    As a Web Meeting moderator, you can share documents,
    webcams, chat, audio and your desktop, record sessions
    for later playback, create and schedule your conferences,
    notify attendees, ... and much more.
Collaboration and Learning Environment

Collaboration & Learning Environment

A full featured system supporting technology-enabled teaching, learning, research and collaboration.
Coursar CLE is a set of powerful tools to manage a course or a project site efficiently and effectively.
Individuals and Common Interest Groups are also using Coursar as a collaborative tool for research and group projects.

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Audio/Video Web Conferencing

Coursar WebMeeting is focused on allowing individuals and Common Interest Groups to facilitate remote teaching and learning. Because of its ability to allow multiple webcam users to access the system in real time, it is also used as a group conferencing and video chat tool.
Using the Coursar's Meetings Tool, you can create and schedule unlimited web conferences.

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Collaboration and Learning Environment

Coursar Social Network

Your Profile is available in all of your sites throughout the system. It contains information about you, such as status messages, your photo, biography, contact information, social networking information (e.g. Twitter integration), connections, notification preferences, and privacy settings

Using Coursar Profile Tool, you can view other Coursar users' profiles and connect with them using a social networking model.

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Create or Join Multiple Worksites

Coursar is used by individuals and common interest groups alike. We offer private and secure worksites for individuals to build thier course or project sites rapidly and efficiently.

You can create unlimited sites with your Coursar account. You can upgrade some sites to paid plans while leaving others on a free plan.

Coursar is flexible. Everything is configured on a Site-by-Site basis.

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Stable System

Coursar is based on Sakai and BigBlueButton, the leading open source enterprise-class systems for on-line learning and collaboration.

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Easy & Intuitive

If you have already used a web browser, then you are ready to use Coursar. Through the use of forms, no technical knowledge is required.

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Flexible Pricing

Pay for what you use. Individuals subscribe to one worksite or many. You can create free sites and upgrade some of them to any paid plan.

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24/7 Support

We are willing and able to help you in every aspect of Coursar.
Through high tech support, you will be up and running quickly.

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